The One Time I Didn't Bring My Camera...

Matt & I had a 'date night' Saturday. Dinner and a play (A Flea in Her Ear, should you be interested).

We'd hoped to try this new-ish Mexican place, but we had a small window for dinner, and that place often has people waiting outside their rather cavernous entry-way, so we knew it wasn't an option this time.

Instead, we headed to the only good sushi place in town, Ginza. Actually, it's a steak house & sushi bar, but we've only ever gone for sushi. Not many vegetarian options in the Hibachi section, you know. (Hey, I'm picky about my veggies!)

I went with my usual, kappa and avocado maki, inari and tomago, but talked Matt into trying something new (again, not that many fish-less option for me, so my 'usual' is less by choice than necessity), a comfort-food sized bowl of udon in broth, with fish cakes and ginger. It was huge, and quite filling. He loved it.

However, neither of us had eaten much that day, so after reading through the menu, I suggested Matt try one of the special rolls. He decided to try the Iso Maki...Salmon, tuna, asparagus & ginger. Crispy outside, served with ponzu sauce.

Oh, to have had the camera with me!!

We've eaten at Ginza enough times that I felt I no longer needed to document our meals there. Clearly, I was wrong.

What he was served was simply amazing.

A huge roll...maybe the size of my fist. Of course, the cross-sections were gorgeous, with the salmon & tuna, and asparagus. The entire thing was dipped in tempura batter, quickly fried
to crispness, thinlysliced, and drizzled with a spicy sauce.

It looked fabulous, and Matt loved it. The asparagus had been perfectly cooked before being placed on the rice, and the fish was still cool.

Beautiful food, beautiful presentation.

And me without my camera.

Go figure.

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The Good Stuff

Back in December, I was alerted to an offer for free olive oil (plus the cost of S&H), which I jumped at.

So here at my four fancy olive oils.

Which are still sitting in the pantry.

I think I just got too busy over the holidays, and forgot about them.

Fortunately, with the 80-degree weather on tap for this part of the country, light and fresh meals call out for a drizzle or dunk of quality olive oil, don't they?

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Asian Round-up

Well, this is odd.

I found this draft lying around, from over two years ago!

Not sure why I never posted it, but here it is.

Hmmm...maybe it did post, but got taken down? Because Nicole already left a comment!
************************************************************************************'s the results for the General's chicken and Chicken with Lemongrass and Chili.

Let me begin by saying this: If a recipe calls for low-sodium soy sauce? Be
sure to use low-sodium soy sauce...d'oh!

This one was a lot of work. But, if you ignore the 'Lordy, is this salty!'-ness, it was really good stuff.

The chicken had a really interesting flavor from the batter, and texture. Next time, low-sodium.

And the Lemongrass-chili chicken?

Not as much work (ok, maybe it was...), but Matt really liked it. It felt weird making a
caramel sauce for a chicken dish, but it seemed to work. Smelled lovely.

Of the two, I'd honestly recommend the General's chicken (following the low-sodium advice, of course). While somewhat labor-intensive, it really had a great flavor and texture.

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I'm (sob) so sorry!

I feel so incredibly guilty. I had every intention of posting here regularly,
but life got busy, or complicated, and suddenly I wasn't posting
anywhere. Or at least, not often.

This is a ravioli I made a few weeks back. It's a basic Marcella pasta dough, but I filled it with smoked mozzarella, ricotta and toasted pine nuts. It was divine.

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