Neither Dessert Nor Asian

Update: Here's a picture of Nicole and Me. (She's the one with the veil). Though almost 2 years old, it's an appropriate picture because we have chocolate all over our mouths.

Mmmm. Chocolate

Tomorrow night I go to my gourmet club here in Toledo. The theme is a fondue party.

In this club, we have one host, and a co-host. They decide the recipes and pass them out so each person brings one dish (appetizer, salad, dessert, entree...) The host and hostess are always in charge of the drinks and entrees. Mmmm. Drinks.

We meet the third Thursday of every month at 7 and normally stay until midnight and it is so much fun. I don't get much done on the following Friday, but it's worth it. I highly suggest to get a group of friends and start your own physical one...not that I don't love this one! This one is wonderful as well!

My recipe that was assigned is Mushroom Rolls. I'm a bit apprehensive of making this one because it sounds gross. But regardless, I'll post the recipe and pictures tomorrow or Friday and we can someday file this recipe under a random category.

Until then...

Pot stickers are my favorite, so I think I'll be looking for a dish to make those. Or something with noodles. I just love noodles! But I love jasmine rice too. And lettuce wraps. Nicole, that's what you should make since you have that great recipe. I also love a good curry. Yum. Great. I'm starving.