my strawbaby tart

all in all i think it was a success. my apartment smells like warm strawberries and cinnamon. even if i thought the recipe bombed, it would have been worth if for the aroma alone.

so. let's start with the pictures. i had to buy a spring form pan. the last one i owned was when i was in high school (i used to eat a lot of cheesecake.)

that puppy cost me 40 bucks from williams sonoma, but it did a fantastic job. next, i went to central market for the freshest strawberries i could find in all of h-town. these long stemmed beauties taste great, but aren't the best shape when sliced.

next was the crust. the cinnamon was my favorite...oh, and the using my hands part too.

before it heads off to the oven...

and the final piece. the crust was good, but not very moist. other than that, i loved it!