Ok, here's what I'm thinking about this website...

1. We cook once a month.
2. The first week, the host of the month chooses the theme.
3. The second week each guest of the month (the one's not hosting) finds a recipe that goes hand in hand with the theme. It can be any form of dish...dessert, appetizer, soup, entree, ect. Of course the host picks a recipe as well. We post the recipe under that theme the second week.
4. The third week we each create our recipe, take pictures of it, make notes. Decided whether you liked it or not.
5. The fourth week we decide on who's hosting next and the cycle continues. During that fourth week, we can also post articles, websites, etc on food topics to inspire the person for the next theme.
6. Anyone can join in at any time. We just let Sania know so they can be added for contributors, right?

I don't know how to set the blog up so we can have the different themes as sidebar content and all of our posts relating to it, but I think that would be a good idea.

If this works for everyone, then this month can be trial and we cook next weekend, post pictures, etc and decide who hosts next month and then wait until March 1st. That gives time to set up an appropriate template.

What do you think?