Baking a Cake

So, I was asked by the mother of one of Alex's school friends if I could make a cake for her grandmother's 80th birthday. Could I? Does hot fudge go well with vanilla ice cream?

I was told the birthday gal liked daisies, and we settled on chocolate cake and buttercream frosting.

I took it from there.

This is the best, most amazing chocolate cake recipe I've ever tasted. Yeah, I made it, and I'm saying that. I don't brag, ya know. Rich, moist and very chocolate-y. I've been using it for a couple of years now, having adapted it from another recipe.

These pictures look bad, due to the overhead lighting in my dining room. I couldn't very well decorate the cake in my photo box, now could I?

Fondant daisies.

Lots and lots of fondant daisies. Close to sixty of the large ones, and I don't even want to konw how many small ones I made.

This is the finished cake. The frosting was so well whipped, each spread of the knife broke tiny bubbles. A perfectly smooth surface wasn't going to happen, so I just had to work with it.

I rather liked this cluster of daisies in the center. And it saved me all that writing!!

I wasn't in the mood to pipe borders after all the flowers and the rest, so I used the smallest daisies as a top border, and left the bottom clean.

It's not a pro job, I don't think it completely sucked, either.