Happiness is...

...eating a piece of rich, dark, chocolate cake.

That goes for any age, apparently!

Accidental Butter

So, this is what happened when I decided to hand-whip some cream to top a slice of Guinness Gingerbread cake for Matt.

I made butter.


I made frakkin' butter.

A Pretty Sight

So many lovely cheeses...

Yet Another Reason I Love Archie McPhee

Talk About a Flashback!

Apparently, you can still buy Body On Tap!

That takes me back a couple of decades...


Had an odd moment yesterday, during my visit to the doctor.

She's Indian, and before long, we were talking about food!

Making samosas, and the fact I'd found a way to bake rather than fry them. Agreeing that, while both naan and pooris are delicious, rotis are much easier to make.

We both like the same Indian restaurant, but prefer ordering off the menu to hitting the buffet, as that usually offers 'safe' choices.

It was weird, but at the same time? Kind of neat.


How weird is it, that Matt & I love both Mexican & Indian food, but despise cilantro?