Mmmm Beer

Ok, so I'm not a big fan of beer. But I thought I'd share this cake my friend Mora and I made this weekend!

Chocolate Guinness Cake

recipe to friend owns the Nigella Lawson Feast cookbook

We really enjoyed making this one. I'm not sure about most cakes, but this one required melting butter in a saucepan with the beer, then adding all the ingredients. I had never done that before. The result is this really moist, dense cake, with almost an earthy taste. But earthy in a good way, not in an "eating grass" way.

Also, we used cream cheese icing out of the plastic tub. Don't you like the "foam" look it has? Just like a giant glass of Guinness!

I highly recommend! So far I've been impressed with all the Nigella Lawson recipes I've tried.